Hi, I'm Chloe. I am a freelance graphic designer living and working in Brighton & Hove in the UK.

My design background

I have 6 years industry experience working for London based graphic design agency Carter Wong Design but I have recently set up my own business following a career break to start my family. Having worked for many large brands in the past I have now shifted my focus to working face to face with local enterprises as I am keen to contribute to my local community and to help people who have great ideas that they care about to get their business off to a great start. I also work with established local businesses to reassess their visual identity and bring it in line with their values.


How I work

Getting a logo for your business is easy - the internet is full of designers. But getting the right logo, and the right overall brand identity, is much more of a challenge. I meet my clients face to face to establish a thorough brief based on identifying their target market and the messages they hope to communicate, and this forms the foundations of my design. In this way we eliminate the guess work and the path to a successful identity that communicates the right message to the right people becomes clear. This is how it works: